1. Can I submit my series if it has not yet been released publicly?

Yes, if you have completed 2 or more episodes of your series between Dec 1, 2013 and Feb 15, 2015, but not yet released them, the series is eligible. This rule has been modified from previous years to allow for series seeking to utilize festival and awards publicity prior to distribution as part of their release strategy, and also to accommodate series who are on the verge of releasing. Note that content submitted in this way to the 2015 Awards will not be eligible for consideration in future IAWTV Awards shows (though further episodes in the series would be). Also, see the rules for information on what defines a “web series”, as segments from other properties will not be accepted.


     2. Is there an IAWTV member discount?

Yes. Active IAWTV members in good standing will be able to access a base submission price of $45, and an additional category price of $10, or an unlimited category package for $125. If you wish to purchase a membership, you may do so at Note that non-members attempting to use the member discount code may be disqualified without refund.


     3. Do I need to be a member to submit?

Not at all. Members do, however, receive a discounted price on submissions and you’ll get to vote on the nominees during Phase 2 voting.


     4. Hold on.. Phase 2? That sounds like an alternate universe. What are these judging phases?

Phase 1 (between Feb 8 and Feb 28) is when we determine the nominees. They will be determined by a select group of jurors in each category, who have been chosen for their familiarity with the field of that category, and will rate each submission. The combined totals from jurors in each category will be used to determine nominees. The list of jurors will be published following the awards. Then in Phase 2 (March 3 to March 25), IAWTV members will have the opportunity to vote on the award recipients from the list of nominees. All members in good standing as of Feb 15, 2015 will have the right to vote once per category.


     5. Can I submit more than one series?

Absolutely. Each series must be made in a separate submission, however. You cannot spread your total number of categories from one submission across multiple series.


     6. What’s this I hear about highlight reels being accepted?

Craft categories (such as performance, design, writing, etc.) may opt to submit a highlight reel instead of an episode as representation of the work in that category. This is to accommodate cases where the work is spread out through a series, for example, a performer who appears in several short scenes throughout the entire series, or an assembly of vfx scenes. Highlight reels MUST be cut directly from episodes made during the qualifying period (Dec 1, 2013 to Feb 15, 2015), and must not be further manipulated or turned into “sizzle reels”. They are intended to allow for a more complete look at the work, not to enhance it, or “advertise”, the way a trailer does. It’s an assembly of clips.


     7. Can I submit multiple artists to one category?

If you wish to submit multiple artists for consideration in one category, for example more than host from your series for Best Live Host, you may do so, but each counts as a category in your total fee. If you have several actors, or different directors from different episodes, all of whom you wish to submit, you should consider purchasing one of our unlimited category packages.


     8. Will submitting to the IAWTV Awards give me superpowers?

Probably not.  But if you get nominated it might make you feel like a web series superhero!


     9. Why do the Best Children’s Series and Best Non-English Series categories have an extended qualification window?

Because most series in these categories have not been honored in any category before, we wanted to give shows from last year an opportunity to find new audiences as well with this extended window (from January 1, 2013, instead of Dec 30, 2013).


     10. Can you submit multiple people for the Best Live and Pre-Recorded Host categories?

Absolutely. It is up to you whether you submit one person individually, or multiple people as a hosting duo or team. 


    11. What are the requirements for Best Transmedia Experience?

Jurors for Best Transmedia Experience have been asked to gauge the "overall effectiveness of the series' transmedia at engaging viewers further, and offering additional avenues into the story world." Submitters will be asked to link to a video which either is transmedia to the series, is a highlight reel of various transmedia videos, or is a behind the scenes look at the transmedia. If there is no "video transmedia" available, submitters may link to an episode of the series in this field.  Additionally, submitters are given the option of uploading documents or image files, if the series' transmedia includes this type  of material. There is also the "notes to jurors" box, as with every category, where a submitter can point out a source of transmedia not covered by these fields, such as pointing to an interactive website.


     12. What if I'm a time traveler and I made my series in 2095.  Can I still submit?

No but please take us with you on your time travel adventures!


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